The Archive

© Ella Murtha

 ​​​The Tish Murtha archive is the gift that keeps giving and this project is my gift to my mam. The very last thing I can do for her as her daughter.

'Youth Unemployment', 'Elswick Kids'  and 'Juvenile Jazz Bands' were published by Bluecoat Press but are now out of print.

I am over the moon that the National Portrait Gallery have acquired six Tish Murtha prints for their collection, including a portrait of Chris Killip at his home in February 1986.

Last year Newcastle City Council asked pupils at St Michael’s Primary School to come up with a name for a new development.  The winners of the naming competition told how they were inspired to name the development after my mam after seeing some of her photos. They also said that they believe her photos are as relevant today as when they were taken.

Tish Murtha House offers one and two bedroom apartments which are perfect for older people who are looking for a modern and stylish home designed with comfort, convenience and community in mind.

Tish Murtha House was officially opened by me and my son Dexter on

Tuesday 14 March 2023.

A souvenir brochure was produced by Newcastle City Council as part of the

celebrations and can be downloaded here.

I am delighted to be working with Artimage who are now managing requests for image usage rights. 

I'm having such a wonderful time doing this project and I am meeting some amazing people who are being introduced to me via my mam from beyond the grave. I hope that by doing this I am in some way making up for the sacrifices that Tish made for me career-wise when I came along, and that I can make her proud.

Ella Murtha