DACS supports the Tish Murtha Estate on an infringement. 

The Tish Murtha Estate worked with DACS when a photograph used as the cover art for Jamie T's single 'The Old Style Raiders' was heavily inspired by a photograph by Tish Murtha from her series Youth Unemployment, 1981. The Estate has been informed that Jamie T was not aware of the recreation and that the photographer involved was not a professional photographer by trade and he was not aware of the law surrounding recreations.

The failure to seek permission or credit Tish Murtha was a mistake and the photographer and Jamie T have apologised to Ella Murtha and the estate of Tish Murtha for these failures and for the upset caused. It is paramount that creator copyright is protected, and we must work together as a creative community to ensure the rights of all artists and creators are upheld.

I have detailed my experience in a blog for DACS - read more here